The Birds & Poultry Competition is a magnificent display of the many unusual, beautiful & rare feathered birds making it one Oberon Shows most colourful but noisy agricultural displays.


Judging of the Birds & Poultry Competition takes places on the day of the show & visitors are Welcome to take a sneak peek at the wonderful flock on display including a variety of exquisite poultry and birds including Soft feather, Hard feather, Bantam, Waterfowl, Canaries, Budgerigars, Finches, Turkeys & more.


Download Bird & Poultry Schedule: 


Peter Taylor 0403 195 796

Leanne Taylor (02) 6337 9423



Mail entry address: 48 Market Street, Rockley NSW 2795

Entries close:  Wednesday - 5th  Feb, 2020

Penning: Friday - 7th  Feb, 2020 (3:00 pm to 6:00 pm)

Penning: Saturday by appointment only.


Please read the following rules as they will be strictly enforced:


  1. Entry forms are to be completed correctly as your class number will NOT be checked, consequently any incorrect numbers quoted will mean automatic disqualification for the relative exhibit.

  2. Birds which are, in the opinion of the Chief Steward, infected or diseased or in anyway dangerous to other exhibits will be refused entry and fees forfeited.

  3. No person other than the Judge or his Steward will be authorised to handle exhibits during the Show. Penning and unpenning will be supervised by Stewards appointed by the Committee.

  4. The Committee has been authorised to refuse entries from any person without explanation.

  5. The awarding of class or ribbons etc. will be left to the discretion of Judges if any entry is considered below the required standard.

  6. Judging will be open, however, any person interfering or considered to be acting unfavorably will be requested to leave the pavilion and his or her exhibits disqualified from competition: fees being forfeited.

  7. Exhibits in Junior classes will not be eligible to compete for Open Class Awards but are catered for within their own sections.

  8. Rules of the Exhibition Poultry Association will apply.

  9. Juniors must be sole owners of exhibitors and must not exceed 16 years of age, and must not exhibit birds of the same breed as persons of the same address.

  10. Best of Breed or Major Awards can not come from Breed Pair Class.

  11. Onlookers are Welcome but must refrain from talking to, or otherwise distracting the Judge & Stewards during judging.  Offenders will be immediately evicted from the Pavilion.

  12. Unpenning will be conducted in a timely manner under the strict supervision of our Stewards.

  13. NOTE RULE 27 – SOCIETY RULES: The Committee shall take all reasonable care for the safety of exhibits, but the Society shall not be responsible for any accident or loss that may occur to, from or by any exhibits during the Show, and it shall be a condition of entry that each exhibitor shall hold the Oberon Show Society Inc. harmless and indemnify it from any legal proceedings arising from any such accident or loss.