The 2020 Oberon Show will be host to many exciting shows, exhibitions and attractions for the whole family, including the Heroes of the Outback - Rooftop Express, the rough and tumble Blue Mountains Pro Wrestlers, and the family friendly Reptile Kingdom, plus much much more! 

Rooftop Express: Heros Of The Outback.

After runaway success around Australia the Rooftop Show is bringing the Heroes of the Outback to Oberon with its show, The Heroes of the Outback. With some highly refined and visually enchanting stunts and moments that will take horse play and cattle mustering to a new level…don’t miss it.








The show will gallop in to the Oberon arena on Saturday night the 8th of February. The Rooftop Express Show is the perfect show for anyone who has ever wanted to put on a cowboy hat! The Rooftop team saddle up with an all star line up of horses, dogs, cattle and their unmistakably blue IVECO trucks.


Blue Mountains Pro- Wrestlers

Wrestle Strong Dojo comes to the Oberon Show Saturday February 8th performing at 11am, 1pm, 3pm and 5pm. The Dojo will showcase an array of entertaining matches for the whole family including Heavyweight title Tournament matches.

 JNR Heavyweight title match, Intergender Tag Team wrestling, a women’s match and a 5 VS 5 elimination tag team match.


Wrestlers set to compete and appear on the day include: Dean Draven from Penrith, Adam FACAA, El Mas Terrible’ DB Robertson, Shane Saw, “The Immortal” Paul Hogann, Banjo Powers from the Blue Mountains, Jake Gibson, Kumimi, GuiJarro Piranha, Bomber Black, Hot Choc, Rebecca Rumble and Amy Action both from the foot of the mountains in Penrith.





11am: 3 matches – JNR Heavyweight match, Heavyweight title Tournament match,Tag Team match


1pm: 3 matches - Intergender Tag Team match, Heavyweight title Tournament match and a Men’s singles Match.


3pm: 3 matches – JNR Heavyweight Title match, Women’s single match and a men’s heavyweight match


5pm: 5 vs 5 elimination tag match

Reptile Show

A breathtaking performance full of interesting facts, humour and vital snake safety with Giant Goannas, Friendly Pythons, Cute Lizards, Loveable Turtles, Deadly Snakes and even Saltwater Crocodiles, allowing viewers the chance to feel something incredible. 


The show is a first class arena spectacular that features world first stunts, true blue Australian comedy and awe-inspiring horsemanship. Its loveable bush characters and amusing storyline encourages crowd participation and family fun.

Dave Manchon’s exciting style of arena show’s are recognized as providing some of the most talked about and exciting  entertainment moments working today. With headline performances across Australia David enjoys a list of world first stunts in his holster. Dave and his team have credits working in the film and television industry alongside their livestock as well as training and riding some of the top money earning performance horses in Australia.

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