The value of winning the first Oberon Show Cattle Program ribbon, especially a Champion, is going to be immense. Guaranteed to be an historical moment as the Cattle Program is new to Oberon Show.  There is also potential to lead to an increase of sale prices for the winning exhibitor & recognition for your property.  


The Cattle Program consists of competitions for Purebred Stud Cattle; Purebred Small Breed; School Classes; & Commercial & Prime Cattle.  Showmanship is a big part of exhibiting & involves presenting an animal at its best where the skill, ability & appearance of the exhibitor is evaluated.


Beef cattle are assessed by the judge using three key attributes:


  • Structural soundness

  • Traits that add to productivity and profitability – aspects such as muscle, maturity pattern and frame size

  • Temperament.


The prestigious Cattle Program would not be possible without our valued Sponsors & dedicated Volunteers.


Judge: Barry Brite                                                      Cattle Schedule 2020

Stewards: Mark Shaw & Darrell O'Conner

                   Emily Simmons


2020 bulls_edited.jpg