The Central Tablelands finest fibre producers come together each year to compete in Oberon Show's Wool Competition, with prizes awarded for various Champions of Show. Skirted fleeces are showcased in 24 different competition classes of wool.


Australia has a rich pioneering history of Wool production & the Wool Competition is a 'must see' display during Oberon Show. A magnificent showcase of some of the finest fibre in the world.  


Stewards - Hugh Webb 0427259633 and Robert Webb 0409326350

ENTRY FEE: $1.00 each              

ENTRIES CLOSE: Friday 7th February, 2020 - 9:00 am

Highest Commercial Value entries close Monday 3th February 2020, 9:00am

Prizes: 1st $4.00 and 2nd $2.00 plus ribbon                              

Wool pick-up time: Sunday morning

Special trophy:

Elizabeth Mackenzie Memorial trophy – Most Successful Wool Exhibitor – donated by Keystone Agrimanagement. Special trophy to Highest Commercial Value. Both Merino and Crossbred to be objectively measured the week before the show (Class 9-22). Trophy donated by Keystone Agrimanagement Services. Champion merino & Cross bred fleeces.


  1. All classes to be judged to “point score card” points for yield and weight to be allotted according to National booklet.

  2. Fleeces to be not more than 12 months growth and shorn in year previous to this show.

  3. All fleeces to be lightly shirted and belly wool removed. Improperly skirted entries will be penalized.

  4. Ram fleeces eligible only in Ram Wool classes.

  5. The judges shall have the right to disqualify any entry which does not conform to the conditions.

  6. First only awarded unless three or more entries.

  7. All entries should be presented in large plastic bags.



  1. Ewe or wether fleece (superfine) 74s or finer spinning quality

  2. Ewe or wether fleece (fine) 70s spinning quality

  3. Ewe or wether fleece (medium) 64s spinning quality

  4. Ewe or wether fleece (strong) 60s spinning quality

  5. Ram fleece (superfine)74s spinning quality

  6. Ram fleece (fine) 70s spinning quality

  7. Ram fleece (medium) 64s spinning quality

  8. Ram fleece (strong) 60s or stronger spinning quality

  9. Merino fleece of the highest commercial value

  10. 1kg Merino lambs wool

  11. 3 x fleece 70s (19 micron) or finer = Trophy


Australian Breeds

12. Ewe fleece from purebred sheep

13. Ram fleece from purebred sheep


British Breeds

Long wool group

14. Ewe fleece from purebred sheep

15. Ram fleece from purebred sheep

Short wool group

16. Ewe fleece from purebred sheep

17. Ram fleece from purebred sheep


Comeback and crossbred

18. Ewe or wether fleece 60/64

19. Ewe or wether fleece 58

20. Ewe or wether fleece 56

21. Ewe or wether fleece 50/46s

22. Comeback, Crossbred (British or Australian) fleece of the highest commercial value

23. 2kg Crossbred lambs wool

24. 2kg Comeback lambs wool