Section O - Flowers

Stewards - Marj Whalan - 0418169853                              


ENTRIES CLOSE - Thursday 6th February 2020 at 6:00pm.

ENTRY FEE - $1 (for Juniors) per item

                       $2 each (for Seniors) per item

EXHIBITS - To be delivered to the pavilion and displayed up to 6:00pm on Thursday 6th February 2020 or before 9:00am Friday 7th February 2020

JUDGED - Friday 7th February 2020.                                             






Champion Ribbons for Dahlia and Rose

Must use association supplied vases


                               ALL TAGS ARE TO BE SECURELY ATTACHED

Dahlia Sizes

Decorative and Cactus Dahlia types:

Giant – over 260mm

Large – 210 and under 259mm

Medium – 160mm and under 209mm

Small – 120mm and under 159mm

Miniature – under 119mm

Waterlily, Collarette, Anemone, Orchid, Stellar and Single Dahlia types are under 160mm

Miniature Ball Dahlias are under 120mm

Pompom Dahlias are under 50mm



Standard unit is one flower per vase over 160mm and 3 flowers of the one cultivar per vase under 159mm


Distinct – Different 

NND – Not Necessarily Distinct - any combination of cultivars within the Dahlia types and size.

Decorative Classes -  to include Formal,informal and semi Decorative types.

Cactus Classes - to include Cactus and semi cactus types.


All blooms to be staged at least 160mm from top of vase to centre of back of blooms.

All blooms preferably to be named.

If name not known, then label “UNKNOWN” or “NAME WANTED”.



1. Cactus Dahlia – large

2. Cactus Dahlia 3 large 1 to a vase.                      10. Decorative Dahlia–3 medium 3 per vase

3. Cactus Dahlia – 1 medium.                                 11.Decorative Dahlia 1 vase 3 small NND                                

4. Cactus Dahlia 3 medium 3 to a vase.                 12. Decorative Dahlia 1 vase 3 miniature  NND

5. Cactus Dahlia 1 vase 3 small NND                     13.Waterlily Dahlia 1 vase of 3 NND

6. Cactus Dahlia 1 vase 3 miniature NND              14. Collarette Dahlia 1 vase of 3 NND

7. Decorative Dahlia – 1 large.                                15. Ball type Dahlia 1 vase of 3 NND

8. Decorative Dahlia 3 large 3 to a vase.                16. Pompom Dahlia 1 vase of 3 NND

9. Decorative Dahlia – 1 medium                            17.Dahlia NOM 1 vase – 3 cuts