Section  P - Floral Art

Stewards - Marj Whalan - 0418169853                                     


ENTRIES CLOSE - Thursday 6th  February 2020 at 6pm.

ENTRY FEE - $1 (for Juniors) per item

                       $2 each (for Seniors) per item

EXHIBITS - To be delivered and displayed at the pavilion before 6:00pm Thursday 6th or before 9:00am on Friday 7th February 2020

JUDGED - Friday 7th  February 2020.


PLEASE NOTE - No late entries will be accepted



                            ALL TAGS ARE TO BE SECURELY ATTACHED



Types of Containers –

Vase is a vessel with the height greater than the width

Bowl is a container with the maximum width greater than height

When type of container is not mentioned, any container/vessel in keeping with the arrangement may be used

Fresh flowers must be displayed unless otherwise stated


Top Prize - The Charlotte Whalan Perpetual Trophy for the best arrangement in show




Junior Section

 12 years and under                                                      

 1. Beauty in a basket                                           

 2. Arrangement in egg cup.                      

 3. Arrangement in a bowl or vase (Prize)    

 4. Arrangement using foliage

 5. Fairy Garden

 6. Flowers (NOM)



 7. Arrangement of mixed flowers in a bowl or vase

 8. Arrangement in a basket.

 9. Arrangement for a special occasion (Prize)

10. Foliage only

11. Miniature Arrangement.

12. Arrangement with a difference



13. Tall and colourful vertical arrangement     20. Miniature Arrangement

14. Arrangement in a teapot (Prize)                 21. Flower or Fruit arrangement for dinner table

15. Color without flowers                                   22. Fairy Gardens

16. Arranged vase or bowl                                 23. Floating flowers in a bowl arrangement (Prize)

17. Australian native arrangement                   24. Floating candles in a bowl arrangement

18. Arrangement using driftwood                     25. Arrangement (NOM)                                                   

19. Arrangement with roses        


NOM = Not Otherwise Mentioned