Section T : Junior Art

Stewards - Bev Kupkee -0428 533 136 or 63361635, Lynne Butterfield  0417070665 or 63360138                   

ENTRIES CLOSE - Wednesday 5th February 2020 at 5pm.

ENTRY FEE - $1 per item

EXHIBITS - To be delivered and displayed at the pavilion either Wednesday 5th or before 9:00am Thursday 6th February 2020

JUDGED - Thursday 6th February 2020


                                       ALL TAGS MUST BE SECURELY ATTACHED


5 years & under                                                                  

1. A collage of mixed things (feathers, etc)                       

2. Any drawing                                                                   

3. Any painting                                                                  

4. Your Family (any medium)                              

5. Cartoon Character (coloured or Painted)       


12 years and under

6. World animals Collage

7. Fire engines Drawing / Painting

8. Nature Any medium

9. Framed Art (Any subject or medium )

10. Any other painting  (NOM)

11. Any other drawing (NOM)

12. Food or shop theme Collage

13. Cartoon character (Any medium)


16 years and under

14. American theme Collage

15. Framed Art (Any subject or medium)

16. Cartoon character (Any medium)

17. Any other drawing (NOM)                               

18. Any other painting (NOM)                               

19. Birds Collage                                                   

20. Snakes Collage                                               

21. Ships Any Medium                                         

22. Framed Art any subject or medium             

23. Any other painting (NOM)                                    

24. Any other Drawing (NOM)

25. Racing car (any medium)                            

26. Drawing of your favourite country

27. Sea creature (College) Sharks etc

28. All types of Windmills (Collage)

NOM = Not Otherwise Mentioned

Because of space we ask that all Art to be restricted to 1 piece per class in the child’s age group 

SIZE A4 or less 

Entries must have their name and age on the back