Are you up to the Challenge?  You don’t need to be a farmer to enter. 


The competition is open to teams of four people (2 Jacks & 2 Jills). 

Teams must have at least one representative from each gender and all team members need to be:

Junior (4 Years to 12 Years);

Intermediate (13 Years to 17 Years);

Open (18+ Years).


Entry to this event is $20.00.


Teams compete in timed heats, over an obstacle course with multiple challenges. Challenges may include:


  • Rolling a swag

  • Flipping a tractor tyre

  • Apple Bobbing

  • Stacking straw bales


It’s a lot of laughs, with a competitive angle. Teams compete for Ribbons and a Prize Pool.


So grab a few mates and come along. Don’t worry if you can’t make a team, come as individuals, pairs or trios and we will help put a team together.


Farmers Challenge Rules

  • Each team must include a 2 male and 2 female competitors. 

  • Teams must have 4 competitors.

  • The winning team will be the team that completes all the challenges correctly, in a safe manner and in the fastest time.

  • Each challenge must be completed correctly before moving onto the next challenge.

  • Any errors made will result in competitors having to re-do the challenge to complete it correctly, or receiving a time penalty, based on the nature of the challenge.

  • Team work is encouraged to complete challenges.

  • Competitors must be ready to channel that inner Farmer, be physically fit, slightly crazy & have a good sense of humour.


If you would like to know more: